Donor Outreach

There is a critical shortage of organ donors in the United States, and over 6,000 Americans die each year while awaiting a transplant. These are preventable deaths, and we believe that the EMS community can play a critical role in closing the gap between organs needed and organs donated.

Educating the first responder community about the benefits and logistics of organ donation is our lifeblood. Many people are unaware that there are donation options beyond traditional means like paired kidney donation or deceased donation, so we strive to get the word out about all the ways that people can help. A core part of our message is that this act isn’t just done by superheroes – anyone can be a donor and become a hero all on their own. The links below can help get you started on your path to donation.

  • For more information about medical, legal, and financial protections available to donors, check out the National Kidney Registry’s Donor Shield program.
  • For more on how the living organ donation process works, the government’s website has a wealth of information on what donors can expect.
  • To read more about the incredible impact that organ donation has had on donors and recipients alike, head here to read accounts of their experiences.


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