Firefighter EMT Dave and wife Kelly Need Your Help

Dave and Kelly’s Inspiring Journey

Meet Dave Raymond, a dedicated firefighter EMT, and his wife, Kelly, who has been on a courageous four-year quest to find a kidney donor. In December 2023, a ray of hope shone through when Kelly’s uncle, though not a match for her, selflessly donated a kidney on her behalf through the National Kidney Registry’s standard voucher program. While Kelly is still waiting for the perfect match, they are one significant step closer, and Dave and Kelly are feeling blessed by this development.

A Struggle Behind the Scenes

However, behind this hopeful story lies a financial crisis. Despite Dave’s tireless efforts, working multiple jobs, having private medical insurance and Medicare for Kelly, the overwhelming burden of unpaid co-pays and uncovered balances has pushed the Raymond family into a dire financial situation. They now face the imminent threat of losing their home and only vehicle, and Kelly’s health is further compromised as they are unable to schedule specialist appointments due to unpaid balances.

“Dave is working four jobs.  We have both private health insurance and Medicare, and the medical bills still keep piling up.  I’m on daily dialysis and can’t work. There are no more hours left in the day for Dave to work.  I am worried he will lose his health and we’ll lose our home. The stress is overwhelming.”  – Kelly Raymond

The Raymond Family’s Sacrifice

Dave and his son, Christopher, share a profound commitment to saving lives as firefighter EMTs. Yet, the harsh reality is that they are unable to save Kelly on their own. The burden of mounting bills has forced them to turn to their community, and their fire service/EMS family for support.

Your Chance to Make a Difference

Now is the time for us to rally together and support these everyday heroes who have dedicated their lives to helping others. Your contribution will not only ease the financial strain on the Raymond family but also allow them to focus on what matters most – Kelly’s health and well-being.  Your donation can be the lifeline this family desperately needs.

Kelly’s Medical History of Diabetes and Kidney Disease

Kelly has struggled with medical issues all her life. She has Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetes which created many health complications. But one by one, Kelly has overcome and moved on, keeping an incredibly optimistic outlook. In 2013 she lost her leg to diabetes but has adapted very well. In 2020 her kidneys started shutting down rapidly and it was determined that she would need a kidney transplant to live. In the meantime, Kelly is doing dialysis 7 days a week to keep going. It is difficult, but we are grateful that dialysis buys her some time while we search for a donor. Many people have stepped up for Kelly and all but one has been found medically ineligible to donate. Unfortunatley the one approved donor had a major family crisis that put kidney donation on hold indefinitely. With the National Kidney Registry standard voucher, Kelly is now waiting patiently to be matched with a living kidney donor, which will likely happen within the year.

Will you send the Raymond Family a lifeline?

Good news…

Kelly is waiting to be matched with a living kidney donor!

The need…

The Raymond family’s financial situation is dire!

We Need to Raise $20,000

    • $5,000 will avoid repossession of their car
    • $10,000 will remove the risk of home foreclosure
    • $5,000 will cover unpaid medical bills

    100% of your donation will go to the Raymond family.  EMS Gives Life is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

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