Our Story

Our Lead Sponsor – Pro EMS

Professional Ambulance Service (Pro EMS) is a nationally recognized EMS service provider that has proudly served the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, and surrounding communities with the highest standard of emergency care since 1969. In addition to a commitment to EMS excellence, Pro EMS has a strong commitment to giving back to the community and enriching the lives of its employees.  Pro EMS CEO Bill Mergendahl was inspired to launch EMS Gives Life as an independent non-profit organization after seeing the personal example set by one of his paramedics, Will Lindberg, who made the life-giving decision to become an anonymous liver donor.  Will’s journey through the liver donation process is the inspiration for EMS Gives Life, sparking our mission and shaping our services.

Our Mission

At EMS Gives Life our mission is simple:  we educate first responders on how they can participate in organ donation, and then provide support if they choose to do so.

We believe that the EMS community has a culture of caring and generosity that makes it a great fit to give the gift of life through organ donation.  We do everything possible to support those who wish to explore the process and take steps towards organ donation.

The EMS and First Responder community is full of heroes who perform life-saving acts every day. EMS Gives Life is proud to support our community when they choose to give the gift of life.

– Christine Fiechter, Executive Director, EMS Gives Life

Why First Responders as Organ Donors?

First responders and EMS personnel have devoted themselves to a career based on helping people. Every day they spend time caring for others in their hour of need and providing lifesaving care.

Research studies have indicated that those who choose to become first responders are exponentially more altruistic than the general population, more likely to go the extra mile to help others in need – even someone they don’t even know.

We believe that first responders as a group of people who routinely give of themselves, might also be willing to give a small piece of themselves to give someone else a new chance at life – and thus help address the chronic unmet need for life-giving organ donations.

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