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A worthy cause may be started by one, but it is furthered by many.

Giving the gift of life is without question one of the most worthwhile causes one can support. Every one of us can be part of this life-giving act on behalf of millions of people desperately awaiting transplant.  Becoming a organ donor is not the only way to contribute to this cause.  EMS Gives Life needs your financial support and your help to spread the word!

Tell Your Family, Friends, Neighbors & Co-Workers

Word of mouth is a proven and highly effective way to spread awareness and promote interest in a cause.  Given the prevalence of the need for organ transplants, it is likely that your audience will have personal knowledge of at least one transplant story and will understand the importance of the information you share.  Educating yourself about the facts and opportunities around organ donation and then telling others about what you’ve learned is uniquely compelling.  Especially among fellow EMS Providers and First Responders who have made careers out of their passion for helping others and saving lives, your outreach can have a powerful multiplier effect and save lives in ways you can’t always predict.  Tell your friends about EMS Gives Life – and encourage them to spread the word as well.

Share our Posts and Tweets on your Social Media

The power of social media in today’s world is undeniable.  You can exponentially increase the reach of our message just by sharing and retweeting our posts through your personal social media accounts.  If you manage a professional or association social media page and can share our posts to that audience, your impact will be even greater.  EMS Gives Life is currently active on Facebook and Twitter.  Please follow us today and share/retweet our posts.  It takes just a few seconds of your time, but the impact is huge.

Invite Us to Speak to your Office or at your Event

EMS Gives Life would love to receive an invitation to speak with you and your colleagues virtually or in person.  Are you hosting an association meeting, event, conference, or trade show with an audience we might address?  We may be able to attend in person thanks to the support of our sponsors.  Hosting donor drives is another way to build awareness and get people involved right at your base, office or event.  We can assist with that as well.  EMS Gives Life is committed by our core mission to spread the word about organ donation, especially to our EMS and First Responder colleagues.  We welcome your help in this life-saving work.

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